Nature Photos and Professional Photographic Services       

My Nature Photography: In the past twenty years I became inspired, amazed, delighted and rejuvenated by the patterns, shapes and colors that abound in nature. The subjects that attract my attention express unique forms, color and light. Frequently, I seek out the unusual or that which typically goes unnoticed. Other times the subjects just pop up in my back yard or right in front of me, screaming out, "look at me, wouldn't you like to take my photograph?" 

I am intrigued by the natural light illuminating our world.

"Pagoda at Waters Edge," Japanese Garden, Zilker Park, Austin

Herb's 100 year old barn (near Nebraska City, NE)
Unfortunately the barn was hit by lightening in 2010 and burned in a few minutes.

        "Nature is the art of God."   -    Ralph Waldo Emerson